Project development

Hidroenergija d.o.o. offers its knowledge in terms of study in order to maximize the return on investment of its customers and partners giving the possibility to realize partially or completely the preliminary studies taking in account not only the equipment design but also the civil engineering from the water intake to the restitution.



Projects and designs

The high complexity of hydro power projects requires the cooperation of large number of experts form various fields. Our company combines knowledge as geology, sismology, hydrology, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electronics, energetis, telecommunications, sensor technology and much more. 

Hidroenergija d.o.o. performs general hydroelectrical plant producing the detailed engineering designs of the mechanical and electrical part including automation. We provide studies and engineering executive for:

  • Energy recovers with rotation parts in new profile for all kind of turbine runners
  • Renovation of old plants and equipment
  • Making reverse engineering
  • Provide flow numerical calculations
  • Perform simulations on a mathematical model of plant



Turn-key systems

Hidroenergija d.o.o. can propose to the energy market its capability in the engineering construction, installation, assemble, and commissioning of small power plants including:

  • Electro mechanical equipment (EM)
  • Hydro mechanical equipment (HM)
  • Cooling water syystem
  • Drainage system
  • HVAC
  • Oil handling system
  • Compressed air system
  • Fire protection system
  • Pressure penstock derivations chanells, tunnels and other kinds of transmission water
  • Intake, power houses and other civil works
  • Assemble, installation and commissioning
  • Service, maintenance, revamping



After-sales service

With the main objective of uninterruptible electricity generation and optimization of the power plant as a relatively complex issue, we assure:

  • Warranty period includes annual maintenance and wear parts
  • Delivery of spare parts
  • Remote control support, daily
  • Yearly update of parameters according to past year operation
  • Possible corrections via modem (internet connection)
  • Damage analysis
  • Natural frequency analyses