Francis turbines

Technical data:

  • Head up to 250 m
  • Output up to 10 MW

For wide head ranges and large flow volumes our Francis turbines can be divided:

  • Vertical version in spiral casing
  • Vertical shaft version
  • Horizontal spiral version
  • Inox casing and covers as requirement on potable water systems



Pelton turbines

Technical data:

  • Head up to 800 m
  • Output up to 25 MW

Our spectrum of Pelton turbines could be divided according to the following categorization:

  • Horizontal axis with 1 to 3 nozzles
  • Vertical axis with 3 to 6 nozzles pressure chamber design
  • Vertical axis with 3 to 6 nozzles with distributer
  • Inner or outer actuated nozzles
  • Optional galvanized or stainless steel casing and distributor



Kaplan turbines

Technical data:

  • Head up to 20 m
  • Runner diameter up to 2500 mm

Our range of Kaplan turbine types for lower heads and larger flows can be divided:

  • 3 to 6 blade runners
  • Double and single regulated
  • Bulb and PIT arrangement
  • With reduction gear transmission
  • With PMG generators




Automation and regulation

The heart of Automatization system is Programmable Logic Controller. It gathers all necessary information and controls the process with a predefined program.

ComAp developed a single controller with PLC and all that periphery devices. It has remote access over internet, all the diagnostic, logger, Human Machine Interface, local and remote Scada system for Personal computers, smart phones and Internet browsers.

Hidroenergija d.o.o. adopted these controller for Hydropower plant and developed one of the most stable and reliable automation in a single system.




Hydroelectric power is a facility strategically important for our society. With the desire to operate in all extreme and boundary conditions, we focus on every detail in relatively complex system of technological processes. For this reason, we plan, assemble and test practically all components, and leave very little to coincidences in operation during the lifetime of the power plant.

  • Spherical valves
  • Inlet pipes
  • Bypass systems
  • Pressure reduction valves
  • HPU
  • Bridge crains


Hydro Mechanical equipment

The concern for the environment, nature and ecology is, according to many beliefs, the most important issue on our planet.
The treatment of water is directly related to the lifetime of turbines, and so are the maintenance works on intake and mechanical as well as electrical equipment.
On the basis of the above arguments, we offer unique solutions:

  • Fish trails
  • Overflow systems for the requested biological minimum
  • Trashracks and trashracks cleaner
  • Flap gates, radial gate, sliding gates and bottom outlet gates
  • Valve chamber
  • Hydraulic or electric actuation systems